Step by step guide to minting NFTs

Minting an NFTs can be quite confusing for newbies, that is why we have decided to do this detailed guide. 

Here is the TOP WAY how to mint your (Ka)Demon NFT. Before starting, you’re going to have to Download GOOGLE CHROME Browser & Install METAMASK WALLET Extension (If you have these things, you can of course skip this step).

We HIGHLY RECOMMEND using PC / Notebook / Mac / Desktop PC for minting over Tablets / cell phones. 

You also need to make sure, that you have enough FUNDS in your MetaMask for the desired transaction.

Prices range from 45-120 MATIC per (Ka)Demon NFT + your Gas fee for each transaction (it’s better to have more MATIC for the gas fee, than less -> just to make sure everything will go smoothly).

MetaMask Recommended 🦊

We strongly recommend using Google Chrome + MetaMask to hook up your wallet. 


STEP 1 -> Go to our WEBSITE -> Launching next week (This is the ONLY PLACE where to MINT!)

STEP 2-> Connect your MetaMask to our website. As soon as you come on our website, it should automatically connect to your MetaMask. If it does not, then be sure to click the “Extentions” button in Google Chrome (Top Right-hand corner) and click on the MetaMask extension. You will log in into your MetaMask by using your password (or eventually seed).

STEP 3 -> Choose the AMOUNT of (Ka)Demon NFTs that you wish to MINT in the MINTING BOX on the homepage of our website. If you want to MINT MORE, you must repeat more transactions. 

DONE -> Now just wait for the transaction to be finished, and congrats! Your minted NFTs should appear in your OpenSea account within a few minutes.

Minting a (Ka)Demon is done fairly, and randomly. Our algorithm will match elements together so your one-of-a-kind (Ka)Demon is totally unique. Each NFT has a combination of 180 elements – from head to toe.

These layers include different skins, headwear, clothing, accessories and other unique add-ons, customizing your ‘creature of cute’